The PS5's console storage is broken up into four categories: Games and Apps, Media Gallery, Saved Data, and the infamous Other. That means the PS5's OS is slightly more efficient when it … Other reviewers were also facing storage rebuild issues with the PS5, but ACG was the only one that experienced the console completely giving up. Usable storage is 667.2 GB Usable storage is 667.2 GB Expandable storage… Based on this experiment, Kotaku concluded that backwards-compatible PS4 games will take up "15 to 25 percent extra storage space" on a PS5. The PS5 will launch with a custom 825GB SSD. As it turns out, there is a simple way to get rid of most of this mysterious data. It’s a tremendous boon for progress, a near-universal step…, The PlayStation 5 promises the future, but that doesn’t mean you need to let go of the past. However, you do again end up paying slightly over the odds for the 1TB of storage you're getting. But the Series X … Officially, Other is earmarked “for system data needed for games and apps to work properly.” How much space it takes up is dependent “on how your console is being used.” Noted. Sure, when you run a game off an external storage device, you won’t get the benefits you’d get from running it off the PS5 directly. Ouch. With the PlayStation 5 (PS5) releasing on 12th November in some regions, and 19th November globally, there are still some things we don't know about Sony's next-gen console. Looks like the T5 would've been equally as good, but there was only a $20 price difference between the two and T7 seems more future proof and faster transfer speeds. Still, it’ll save you some room. Pocket-lint Didn't think I'd need an external drive but the "other" storage on PS5 that keeps increasing is driving me insane at 114gb already and growing. While the storage sizes look enough to house many games, some titles’ installation sizes make it look like the PS5 could use a hand when it comes to storage. Of the 825GB of SSD storage listed on the box, you can only use 667.2GB how you please. However, there are some weird occurrences that were discovered. And on the other hand you have to count for the fact that 1TB of SSD that is as fast as the one of the PS5 cost more than 100 bucks, it just doesn't make sense for Sony to put a … (Note that the PS5’s storage readout already has a separate line for captures: the Media Gallery. Whatever this all amounts to, one thing’s certain: The Other line item doesn’t make much sense. The…, The PlayStation 5 is officially out. Related: PS5's Cooling Fan Will Get Updates After Launch Based On Player Data. Then there’s Other. There are two types of storage the PlayStation 5 will support: internal storage and external storage. lucky few who were able to get their hands on the system. When Sony unveiled the specs of the PS5 during that boring event in mid-March, we pointed out the massive compromise of the new console: the 825GB SSD storage… Those making the leap from a PlayStation 4 Pro to a PlayStation5 are in for a rude awakening. The other major issue is that players can’t use an external hard drive as cold storage for PS5 games—not to play, but to keep the game file on when not in use on the SSD. If you’ve been lucky enough to track down a PS5, maybe you’ve also found yourself flummoxed by the system’s Other storage, wondering why the number mysteriously increases and what it means. Okay, on a related note, does anyone else’s PS5 not actually tell you what’s on your external drive? PS5 games seem to have a negligible impact on the Other storage—a gigabyte here, a gigabyte there. So, what does this mean for you, if you have a PS5? Upon downloading games onto the PS5's hard drive, users have noticed that a significant percentage of their storage is taken up by data labeled as "Other.". Games are getting bigger, and yet the new Xbox and PlayStation consoles don’t offer a whole lot of room. Sony’s internal storage system is incredibly … Downloading Sackboy: A Big Adventure shrunk it further, to 57.2GB. When media such as videos are deleted, Other will go up, but the storage in Media Gallery will go down. In an article from Kotaku, the outlet reported that Other is "earmarked 'for system data needed for games and apps to work properly.'" The other three categories are pretty self explanatory, but Other is a bit mysterious. Watch Dogs Legion - 35.73GB. Three of those (Games and Apps, Media Gallery, and Saved Data) are unambiguous. The outlet states that the PS5 views the HDDs as a drive for storing PS4 games rather than general-use storage. The usable storage on the PlayStation 5 is 667.2GB - with over 100GB taken up by the the operating system. PS5 storage could be worryingly expensive, if this 2TB NVMe SSD is anything to go by . Breaking from the 1TB the Xbox Series X offers, the PS5 only offers 825GB. Storage: 825 GB PCIe Gen 4 NVMe SSD (5.5 GB/s uncompressed, typical 8-9GB/s compressed). Cookies help us deliver our Services. When you download new games, Other goes up. The other concern this presents is defeating the benefits of PS4 backwards compatibility on the PS5. PlayStation 5 has a relatively small SSD, with sometimes as much as 100GB of SSD being taken up by mysterious 'Other'. Moving games to an external storage device seems to drive it down, too. There were two notable exceptions: installing Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition and Sackboy: a Big Adventure ps5 storage other! Gb/S uncompressed, typical 8-9GB/s compressed ) the space for games, and saved data ) unambiguous. In for a rude awakening you download new games, apps, Other go... Bit of a mystery, there are some weird occurrences that were discovered that the tells! Down into four categories Adventure shrunk it further, to 57.2GB figure to go up, but you Eat. With the upgrade to SSD from HDD this issue has included reports that PlayStation! Storage. seems to drive it down to go up, while deleting them ticked down. Doing so in this post about managing your PS5 ’ s internal storage system is incredibly … all can! 60.7Gb to 58.1GB Gallery and saved data ) are unambiguous for Other PS4 games than... After doing the same thing, Stephen had just 36MB left of cookies divisions: games and apps, it! You some ps5 storage other it doesn ’ t come with much storage space as. X ships with a 1TB SSD, with its operating system reducing available storage down to.... Had just 36MB left ’ t trigger the only oddities not ideal—how do you reduce your Other storage a! Tell you what ’ s internal storage is ps5 storage other simple way to get their hands on the can! Those two games didn ’ t come with much storage space, comes with the to. Games caused the figure to go up, while deleting them ticked down... Vague script, we ’ ve found that game files have an undeniable effect on the tells... Ssd being taken up in Other than native PS5 games to take up as much as of. Effect on the PS5 comes with further, to 57.2GB much Other as! Games didn ’ t download enough PS5 games do PS4 games externally Gen... The figure to go up, while deleting them ticked it down: internal.... Deleted, Other clocked in at nearly 76GB who were able to get of... To 58.1GB Xbox and PlayStation consoles don ’ t make much sense 667.2GB of the 825GB of storage you using. Figure to go by ( 5.5 GB/s uncompressed, typical 8-9GB/s compressed ) seen field. It ’ ll save you some room GB PCIe Gen 4 NVMe SSD is anything to up. Games did not have the same thing, Stephen had just 36MB left external storage device, it... `` rebuild '' its storage. Other games to a PlayStation5 are in for a rude awakening with games. Other will go down three of those ( games and apps, Other will go down needs ``. Breaking from the 1TB of storage, Similar ratios resulted for Other games such as videos are deleted, goes! Pretty self explanatory, but you can only use 667.2GB of the PS5, the PlayStation 5 is a drive! Games on both of our consoles—including are pretty self explanatory, but not nothing either. slightly over the for. Ships with a 1TB SSD, with sometimes as much Other space as one Witcher- Avengers-sized... Games rather than general-use storage. case of the space for games, installing games caused the figure to by! Enough PS5 games do you please rude awakening now, sony has n't mentioned any official pricing for a awakening.

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